Biggest Jewelry Trends : Six Ultimate Pieces That Are Huge This Year

Like clothes, styling your jewelry is also important. It adds sophistication to an outfit and enhances the overall personality of a wearer. There are some timeless jewelry fashions, but most of them keep on changing. It is always good and exciting to know what new trends a season is bringing with it. For example, many are ditching heavy wrist accessories and adding stylish cuff bracelets to their jewelry box.

The jewelry world of 2018 is all about maximizing style from head to toe with elegant accessories. Here are some of the biggest jewelry trends of 2018 that can help you set your style apart from the crowd.

1. Bold, Long Necklaces
The glamorous necklaces are always a hot trend. This year too, the long necklaces are successfully grabbing the eyes of fashionistas. What makes this year's necklace trend unique from the previous year is their appearance.

Slim is in the fashion! Instead of heavy necklaces, slim chokers and long necklaces are adding versatility to one's jewelry collection. These elegant and easy-to-wear pieces go well with any type of dress, but add a special seductive look to an evening dress.

2. Unique Cuff Bracelets
Cuff bracelets have finally made a comeback, thanks to new changes made to them. Unlike those traditional big wrist-accessories, bracelets of 2018 are edgy and chic. Some of the most famous types of them are signature bracelets, including gold cuff bracelet, where you can engrave your name or a personal message.


Ideal for every wrist, these fashionable cuff bracelets can be worn to stay effortlessly stylish from day to night. A major benefit of getting a cuff bracelet is that it can be worn alone or paired with other wrist accessories.

3. Dainty Earrings
Earrings have a superpower of turning simple clothing to an attractive attire. This season, dainty pieces are making a splash. The jewelry market has a huge collection of earrings that can be matched with any type of dress to provide it with an elegant appeal.

Available in different metals- silver, gold, rose gold, and others- they can take any kind of clothing up a notch. Mismatched earrings are also on the rising trends these days. They are unique ornaments to enhance the overall look. So if you are planning to add some trendy earring pieces in your box, spare some time to choose among a huge collection of earring styles in the market.

4. Stylish Stacking Rings
Rings have been a part of human life for ages. For many years, the same ring styles are being repeated over and over again. If you are bored of those common rings in your jewelry box, stacking can add a new light to it. Rose gold stacking rings and silver stacking rings of 2018 are giving a new lease to the world of rings.

5. Unique Bolt-on Bracelets
These are unique wrist-accessories that are on trend this year. Available in a variety of colors, these are slim bracelets that come with a bolt. You can choose them to add uniqueness to your overall appearance and stand apart from the pack in any occasion.

6. Gold Everywhere
If you have traditional gold ornaments in your jewelry box, 2018 is the right time to take them out and wear with confidence. From red carpet models to popular celebrities, everyone is matching them with their clothes to get a unique look.

For many years, jewellery is what is going to complete your look in 2018. Whether you are wearing a delicate necklace, sterling silver stacking rings, chunky cuff bracelets, or state-making earnings, you can make the most of them by wearing them with confidence.