Fine Jewelry Trends for Men in 2018-19

The jewelry world, for a long time, was dominated by women. Jewelry was believed to be worn strictly by the women as pearls, gold and silver necklaces and rings. This however has changed dramatically and with several archaeological evidences proving that men indulged in wearing jewelry equally or more than what women wore in the past times, it became popular fairly quickly. Jewelry has always been the sign of a royal and superior look for any one who wears it. 
In today’s time, men have equally engaged themselves to wear the said 
jewelry as much as women do. The body mod, bracelets, rings, they’ve been everywhere for everyone. The choices available to choose from are immense and each of these look even better than the previous. This has somehow confused men across the world. To provide a little relief, we have a little insight as to how to deal with the said confusion and make the right kind of purchase. These jewelry for men are both extremely popular and at the same time the right kind of trendy known to give men that little extra edge over their peers and a bold look overall; after all, in ancient times, jewelry was used to let the men look royal and show dominance over other people on their tribe.
We at Op
es Robur let men choose from three categories of Jewellery for men, each special in its own way. Starting from:

  1. Bracelet:
    Bracelets have been long worn by men as a way to show the distinct style that they have and in the old times was worn as a way to represent what tribe they are from. Today, you can find some of the most dashing looking bracelets which range from being silver in their make, shining brightly to signify a personality that loves a little attention to the
    jet black bracelets which helps anyone to make a bold statement while being discrete in their own way.
    designer men's bracelets are meticulously designed to give them an industrial and raw look. This is the reason that while wearing our bracelets men feel confident and get a feeling of strange uniqueness in a large crowd.
    The different types of bracelets we have are: Simple screw cuff bracelet, thin screw cuff bracelet, omega cuff bracelet, clip on bracelet and U cuff bracelet. All of which are available as silver, black, rose gold and
    gold jewelry for men to wear.

  2. Rings:
    Rings at Opes Robur are made with a special love and serious attention. The design of these rings is a D shape design which looks extremely brilliant out of any other ring men can find to wear. The industrial ring give your fingers a powerful upgrade too. The entire look of a thick silver rings can do wonders for you. While, at the same time, the omega ring hold the most bold look as it shapely hugs your fingers and still extends out like letting the world know you are theirs.
    More than the metal it’s made of, what really separates rings from Opes Robur from the rest is the bold look they own. The stackable rings have been known to make anyone look as sharp as they wish to become! At the end, it’s all about making a statement and these rings make the loudest one of them all.

  3. Necklaces:
    While it is bolder than all of the available
    gold jewellery for men, it definitely does fulfils its purpose of standing out from the crowd. The chokers and the slave collar is a bold yet stylish statement to make for anyone who chooses to wear it. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but wearing this does turn heads and makes people start conversations with you.

Here are 3 of the greatest pieces of jewelry available for men to wear. Owning to the spirit of men, we have these bold yet super stylish and timeless pieces of jewelry.

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