Frosted Gold - The Latest Luxury Collection

Indulge into a whole new world of luxury with the Opes Robur Frosted Gold Collection. 

New for 2019, the frosted gold collection adds a new touch to some of the iconic Opes Robur designs. Including The signature screw cuff collection. Born from a process discovered in ancient gold hammering, known as the Florentine technique. The surface is smoothed and polished to eradicate any imperfections. The surface is then beaten using a diamond tipped tool. Resulting in a beautiful, diamond dust like finish.

"The collection is designed to showcase the immense craftsmanship behind our brands designs. Each piece in the frosted Gold collection takes considerable time to complete and offers a beautifully unique finish. Each piece displays a mixture of textures, techniques and finishes, with the rugged frosted screw & the polished screw cuff base, the result is something truly unrivalled." - Jake Allen, Director 


Above, shows the difference between the original silver screw cuff bar and the new frosted gold screw cuff bar. Explore the collection today online and in selected stores.

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