Inside The Design - The Omega Cuff Bracelet

Inside The Design - The Omega Cuff Bracelet

Its rare that you find a design that can draw and keep the attention of others whilst being simple and elegant enough to be worn day to day.

With the Opes Robur Omega Cuff, this is certainly the case. A sleek and sophisticated design bearing the hallmark of innovative, independent design. Handcrafted in high grade 410L Titanium, the Omega Cuff is a durable piece that can be worn on a variety of occasions, made up of two pieces, meticulously married together by our skilled artisans.


The two pieces of the Omega Cuff are laser cut from blocks of 410L Titanium hand finished ready for assembly. The famous Opes Robur OR hallmark is also lasered on to the bracelets bridge in the left hand corner.


Both pieces of the bracelet are cooled and hand filed to ensure a secure fitment. Once completed, the components are polished to ensure a smooth and flawless finish ahead of the electroplating process.  Finished in a thick mirror plating of 2.0 Microns, allowing the Omega Cuff to be worn without the need to be removed when bathing. 



Once the individual components have been electroplated in the desired finish, both pieces are screwed together and with the final locking details being checked and secured in place. Each piece is meticulously checked before leaving the workshop.

The Omega Cuff bares the second generation OR hallmark of Opes Robur in the left corner of the 'love bridge' where a personalised engraving can really make the Omega Cuff a one of design for the wearer. (Please contact our concierge to discuss custom engravings).



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