New York Fashion Week - This Seasons Hottest Accessory Trends

New York Fashion Week - This Seasons Hottest Accessory Trends

The accessories category is enormous, accounting for 18% of the apparel market. It’s beaten in size only by the tops category.

But aside from widely discussed bag trends, the category’s other players get little room to shine. Let’s fix that.

Not only are accessories big –  they're growing. So far this quarter, the entire market has 4% more product retailing than last year.

For many department retailers, who’ve struggled to capture customer loyalty in an age of direct-to-consumer, compelling accessories assortments–often on the ground level of stores–lure shoppers in.

Earring trends

Statement earrings are BIG news, whether it’s Mix N Match pieces like our Mini Strawberry Earrings, bold statement pieces, oversized hoops, colorful tassels or bright perspex.

Singular earrings are growing at a rapid pace too – up by 29.5% in two years. There has been an increase in the trend for multiple piercings per lobe, with small hoops on the second, third and fourth piercings. That’s driving an uptick in mismatched combinations of earrings. 

Brooches Return

held at arms length, a brooch will make it into shot for a selfie. This item, which has had a quiet few years will make an comeback on the lapels of colorful statement winter coats. Abstract Memphis shapes and large florals will work best. Opes Robur will be launching a small collection of handcrafted Brooches in line with London Fashion Week this September. 

Showing face

When you think about it, it’s pretty obvious what is influencing the popularity of this product... Selfie-taking. 

Call it the Instagram effect – when you’re taking pictures of your face, earrings have a better chance of getting in shot and making a statement about which kind of cool you are. And given the soaring interest in beauty, when influencers are sharing, they’re sharing face. (And ear.) So ensuring you have a wide selection of bold and unique earrings will ensure you stand out from the crowd.

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