Style Tips With Top Model Runner Up - Louanna Bridges

Style Tips With Top Model Runner Up - Louanna Bridges

We spoke to Top Model runner up Louanna Bridges about her fashion tips for the upcoming season and her style influences that have helped to shape her successful career.


1: Tell us a bit about you!

I love fashion and love to shop, I recently took part in the UK no1 modelling search competition - Top Model. I couldn't believe I brought back home 1st runner up commercial category award, I still can't now it was very hard work but all worth it in the end! It was a incredible journey and experience getting the chance to work with fashion designers, vogue models and more. I also finished college with distinctions after studying cabin crew but have decided to put it on hold for now as I want to carry on with my modelling career, I love to go sight seeing too!


2: What is your go to fashion accessory this season?

A baker boy hat because they can make any outfit look better no matter what colour the hat is. I think you could wear one for most occasions they really do put your style on point. They can look so classy with even a casual outfit too or a going out outfit. I like the way they break your outfit up if your are wearing all black I would definitely say a red baker boy hat with a matching red lip! So classy!


3: Who would you say influences your style?

Style is more than just clothes. Its how you wear them! Also what your trying to say through them. It's away of showing off your identity and personality to people without saying a word. I love to be unique! I would probably say Ella Ravenscrofs style is different but it's similar I can see she likes to keep it classy and never to much but also likes to break her outfits up a little with her leopard print jacket she wears and looks gorgeous!


4: Which is your favourite Opes Robur Collection and why?

All of them are so beautiful it's hard to say, but I do love the screw cuffs collection. Especially the gold omega cuff it's just unreal! Also, the quality is so good! I really do think every girl should own one if you want to up your style game. They would be prefect for gifts or any occasion you want to look your best for.


5: How do you like to wear your
accessories? Simple and clean or stacked up and bold?

Definitely simple and clean less is more because you haven't tried to much. However I do love to match my items a little bit if there is a set, for example the omega cuff and omega ring would definitely be cute but then I would keep my outfit simple!


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