Where It All Started - A Day In Brighton

The story of Opes Robur's humble beginnings are little known. Founder Patrick McCann took a trip back to where it all began, the wonderful city of Brighton, UK.
From the bustling market streets to the famous jewellery district "The Lanes", Brighton has been a city at the forefront of culture and creativity in the UK, and is where founders Jake Allen and Patrick McCann thought the perfect place to start Opes Robur. 
The Royal Pavilion, also known as the Brighton Pavilion, is one of the most iconic attractions in Brighton. 
It is a widely diverse city, and was also where Opes Robur secured its first retail outlet, in the upmarket location of The Lanes in Number Ten. The city has been a hugely influential part of the story behind the brand.
Brighton was not the home of Opes Robur for long before its move to Central London, but it has shaped the brands identity and will continue to be a positive force for the future.