Autumn Style Tips From Germany - 7 Questions With Fashion Blogger Jasmin Lamia

Autumn Style Tips From Germany - 7 Questions With Fashion Blogger Jasmin Lamia

Tell Us a bit about you!

My name is Jasmin Lamia and I am a 25 years old fashion blogger from Germany. In my freetime, I love to read some magazines to get inspirations to create my looks.


What do you think is going to be hot this season in Europe?

In my opinion, this season the Leather Jacket and Leather Dress will be very in! In my Opinion, what we need this season is the legendary bomber jacket! Whether long or short, in eye-catching or discreet colors, the bomber jacket is a must have in every fashionistas closet! Animal prints, especially leopard or zebra also are going to be popular. If you ask yourself which colors you should be seen in this season: it's SILVER !! With this beautiful metallic colour you can jazz up any outfit. I love to wear a black outfit and combine it with a cool silver leather jacket. I promise, you will impress others! :)

Whats one accessory you couldn't live without?

I never leave the house without my necklace. Without it I feel really naked, lol. I love to wear rings with big stones, engagement ring style!

What's your favourite Opes Robur Collection?

I love your screw cuff bracelets! They look so special and so versatile - that you can combine it with so many styles. A beautiful white shirt dress, sandals and a small clutch bag, the screw cuff bracelet would make that outfit complete!
The second item I love is the Gold Roman bracelet. It looks so pretty and I love the beautiful details on it! This bracelet, I would wear it with a basic shirt and blue jeans, so that the bracelet is the "eye-cather" of this outfit :).
The last item is one of my favorites on your website - The monaco ring. Omg, this ring is so beautiful. The shape and the details on it are perfect. I think I would wear it with every outfit! It's one of those things, I would wear every day.

Who are your biggest style inspirations?

My biggest style inspirations are Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian. I love their looks so much. If I'm going to wear casual clothes, I'm looking for some inspirations from Kylie, because she loves to wear clothes that are more simple. But if I go to a club or a bar, I love to get some stuff from Kim!

Do you have a blog where our readers can follow you?

Regrettably, I do not have a blog, but I am using instagram, where I always post my new looks! There, I also give some good advice on how to combine your clothes and accessories and I talk about some new stuff in my insta-story. So if you want to check out my instagram profile --> my nickname is lamiayasmin <3.

What style tips do you have for us this season?

Just be yourself! I mean, no matter what you wear, you should love the outfit, because then you feel comfortable. Do not be afraid to wear some extravagant clothes, just because other people think that they're not suitable. Try something new and you will to realize that it makes a lot of fun when creating new looks!


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