Signature New York Style - Lily Ludovici

Signature New York Style - Lily Ludovici

New York City is known for its fabulous restaurants, museums, food and more, but what it is undeniably famous for is its fashion scene
 and the people donning those designer duds. With fashion blogging becoming wildly popular and a legitimate way to influence consumers’ styles, it’s no surprise that the city is home to many of those influencers. From searching for the perfect bold statement accessory to showcasing the latest trend, fashion blogging has evolved far beyond style – it’s now a lifestyle.


 We sent Lifestyle blogger Lily Ludovici the iconic Opes Robur Gold Signature Screw Cuff Bracelet to style on her trip to New York.


Worn alone, the signature screw cuff bracelet oozes sophistication and class - a timeless accessory that can be worn on every occasion. 


Gold Signature Screw Cuff - £129.00


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