Style tips With Italian Fashion Influencer Francesco Bulgari

How would you describe your style?

I like to call myself "weird", but in a purely positive sense, I am very eclectic and I love to mix different trends on myself, I wake up every day with an external mask, I could be aggressive, punk, rock, elegant, sophisticated, simple and sometimes even extremely casual; I shape myself every day differently based on my mood and the inspiration of the day, like liquid in a container. Then it is up to a few to see my true personality, seize it and appreciate its flavor, under all this there is a sweet boy, who studies design at the university; I love art, freedom and everything that makes me feel at peace with myself, I have an extreme sensitivity, which leads me to live sometimes in states of anxiety and because of this I love to present a very strong image of myself. in short, I love everything that amazes, upsets and is out of boring normality.


What accessories do you put on everyday before you leave the house?

In my looks, one must never lack accessories. I feel these must be very simple but at the same time very sophisticated, and leave a mark. like the accessories you offer at Opes Robur. During the day I prefer to use a backpack while in the evening I limit myself to pouch.

Which piece from Opes Robur is your favourite? How do you like to style it?

As already mentioned, some of my favourite pieces of the collection you offer at Opes Robur are the bracelets, as I find them, very sophisticated but at the same time elegant and simple. I think they have a timeless, essential and refined allure. Personally for me they are like a good bag, you can use them during informal occasions during the day but also on more formal occasions.


Who are your biggest style inspirations?

My world is angular. I am inspired by all that is reduced to geometry, (corners and edges if we want perfect circles) so on an artistic level we talk about cubism. I love Le Corbusier. Alexander McQueen - one of the best designers, pure poetry. Ethel Granger and her husband William Arnold Granger. For those who understand fashion, this married couple has shocked, scandalised the futuristic world. Remember (obsessions for the tight waistline piercings and changes in the body) many are shocked by a piercing but we remember that this couple did something important, people are still talking about it now in Vogue!

Do you have a link to your official blog where we can follow you and your style!?


Do you have any tips for our readers on creating amazing social media content?


Yes, personally, I prefer light colours in general I recommend to use a few colours. To take a few things back into a picture, so as not to create confusion in the observer's eye. And simplicity turns out to always be the best weapon.